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Our Story

AARF is a 501(c)3 non-profit group. We are a no-kill, all breed rescue that fosters in our homes.

Our Mission is to help as many forgotten, broken and neglected dogs find a loving home as humanly possible. Willingly volunteering our time, blood, sweat and tears to make sure they are rehabilitated and given a chance at happiness. No breed is turned away. No case is too severe. We are their healing hands.

Their fight is our fight!

Our Adoption Process

Adopt A Rescued Friend, Inc. utilizes an application and interview process that allows us to ensure that the dog chosen is a good match for the adopting family.

Every adoption requires an application, verification and contract for each dog/puppy. We reserve the right to follow up(s) with the adopting family (phone call, email, or home visit). Depending on dog and/or breed there is a possible home inspection prior to approval.

Puppies that are 4 months or younger will not be approved for adoption outside of the Houston Area. Spay/Neuter of any rescue animal is required by Texas State law.

Children under 8 years old often are not a good match for our puppies and dogs. In order to protect both, your child and our rescued dogs/puppies from harm, we seldom if ever adopt to families with young children.

Supporters - Partners