Adoption Information

Please read our adoption procedures and requirements.

Beanie's Adoption Process:

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Beanie’s Kitten Care, we are a 501c, non profit, foster based rescue. Meaning all of our cats and kittens are in foster homes. We do not have a physical shelter for you to come visit. Luckily, all of our fosters are willing to allow home visits, or I often bring the cats to my home and allow visits here.

1. Everyone is required to submit an adoption application. It is located near the top of our Facebook page. It is a Google Doc that can be filled out on line and emailed back to us. If you have trouble with that, I suggest printing it, take a photo and email that or mailing it the old fashioned way. Let me know and I will message our address. Please do not apply on a whim! Out of consideration for the time and energy of our small adoptions team, we ask that you apply only when certain that you are ready and able to adopt. We highly encourage adopting kittens in pairs. They adjust more easily and keep each other company when you’re away.
    • Fill out the form thoroughly. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
    • Must be 21+ to apply.

2. Veterinary and personal references will be checked.

3. Once we’ve gone over your application and checked your references, we will schedule a time for you to come meet Janine (our Director) or myself (Stephanie-Assistant Director) and the cat/kitten you are interested in. Sometimes we will ask to come visit your home as well.

4. Once a decision is made, you will be required to sign our adoption agreement.
The fee for adoption is $100.
This includes:
    • Testing for feline aids/ feline leukemia
    • Treatment for all parasites or other intestinal illnesses
    • ALL vaccines (3 sets of kitten vaccines and a rabies)
    • Spay/neuter
    • And lastly, microchipping.

5. We ask that you remain in touch with us after the adoption, providing updates and photos of your babies. After all, most times we have raised them from birth and they are literally like our own children!!

Because we provide all of the above medical care, our kittens are not eligible for adoption until they reach 12 weeks or 3 pounds. That is the earliest they can be spayed or neutered and we DO NOT adopt out cats that are unaltered.

We also do not make decisions on adopters until closer to that time. We accept applications as they come in and make our decisions based on who we feel is the best match and can provide the best home for the cat.

We always encourage adopting two kittens at a time. This helps your baby have a companion when you are away at work and they are actually better behaved when they have a friend! Discounts in adoption fee will apply to multiple cat adoptions.

Please note that due to the high volume of inquiries about each kitten, you may not receive a response. We encourage you to also check out the adoptable cats and kittens at your local animal shelter.

I hope this answers most of your questions. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, so please feel free to reach out to us in a private message. Thanks!! ~Stephanie