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Who We Are - What We Do

Dog Rescue R Us operates in the West Texas area. We are currently foster-based and rely upon our foster families to provide loving home environments for our dogs while they await transport. Fosters and funding is ALWAYS needed and is crucial to saving more lives. You can email us at for more information on fostering, adopting or to help with transporting. Upon rescue all dogs receive medical attention. Once the dog is healthy, they are transported to our WONDERFUL rescue partners in the Northern US and Canada!

Recently, we received a small tract of land from a very generous donor. Our current goal is to develop that land into a much-needed facility, where we will be able to provide a temporary foster environment and a sanctuary for the unadoptable dogs.

The Officers of DRRU have a firm belief that public education about spay, neuter, adoption, as well as pet health and wellness is vital to this community in reaching a NoKill status. We also believe the animals welfare laws in our City, State and Nation need to be changed and we are beginning to work at the local level to make these changes.

      DRRU Mission & Goal

Saving dogs is our ministry. Dog Rescue R Us is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that focuses primarily on rescuing dogs that have been abandoned, abused, dumped, neglected or surrendered in Midland/Odessa TX and surrounding areas.

We were founded because of the atrocities going on in our community. Dogs are being thrown out of moving vehicles on the Interstate leaving hundreds dead; animals are running in packs, babies having babies under vacated trailers and burn piles and many dogs dying before we can get them safe into rescue.

We Need Your Help!

In 107 degree heat busting their tail to help get a fence put up for Dog Rescue R Us! Talk about selfless people! Please help us get this accomplished by keeping the funds coming in. The next project is cement pad and plumbing and the actual facility being built! There are so many things going on behind the scenes! Thank You for your support!!

IT IS HAPPENING! We are very short funding but trying to move forward. Had a donor tell us if we can collect $4,000 by July 1 ... she will double that!  Please share like crazy with people who love animals and can donate.

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