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Penny's All-Breed Animal Rescue (PABAR) is a non-profit, volunteer-based animal rescue organization. Our sole focus is to rescue animals of various species or breeds from all over our great province of Manitoba. Our purpose is to rescue unfortunate animals, utilize a system of foster homes as necessary, and, ultimately, to find each animal a loving, safe, forever home.

PABAR consists of a handful of compassionate and dedicated volunteers. Our foster families are the Heroes who open their hearts and their homes to the animals in our rescue, and show them love, respect and kindness. For some of our rescue animals, this is the first time they have experienced love. Foster families give us the strength and passion to carry on doing what we do. We are always searching for foster families to add to our roster, and would welcome your inquiries and/or participation.

All of our funding derives from donations, or from volunteer-backed fundraising events. Our financial records are fully documented, open and completely transparent. We welcome scrutiny by any would-be donors who wish to ensure that their donations are used 100% in saving animals.​

PABAR, founded as a small entity by Penny Teron in November 2015, and was gathering steam by August 2016. Penny was seeing so many animals being passed over by other Rescues because they were full, that she decided to start her own small Rescue. We are pleased to say that since August 2016, we have been instrumental in saving and re-homing over 60 animals!! It is our hope, and intention, that we will be able to continue in this way and save many more!!

Our goal is to help other Rescues struggling to alleviate the problem of the excess population of cats and dogs in Manitoba's remote northern communities. To ensure success in this endeavor we have cooperated, (and believing that strength and success is achieved through cooperation), will continue to work amicably with other reputable Animal Rescues. In this way we intend to carry out our self-ordained mandate....


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