Sunny's Way Home Animal Rescue

Saving lives one life at a time ... they all matter

About Us & Our Mission

Mr Charlie ❤

Sunny's Way Home started 10 years ago. I met a very special lady named Manni, who ran her own rescue. I volunteered there on my days off. A call came in from the police department. They needed us to pick up some dogs being housed outdoors in the 20+ degrees below zero weather we were having. I will never forget, it was one of the coldest winters we have had in a long time.

When we arrived, it was a sight that still haunts me to this day. I will spare all of you the details ... but this day, I knew I needed to make a difference in these innocent animals lives. I rescued Charlie (a very tiny, frozen chihuahua) from his hell that night.

It took years of love and patience to turn Mr. Charlie around. He absolutely hated men and if he got even slightly chilled it would trigger him. 5 years later, Mr. Charlie came around and welcomed love from other people beyond just me. I made a promise to him that he would never suffer again. He is what started Sunnys Way Home.

I could no longer sit back and ignore what was happening to these innocent souls in this sometimes very cruel world. We have been at it ever since. As for Mr Charlie, he sleeps with me every night in a warm bed. He will live the rest of his life with me, knowing he is loved and cherished.  It all started, with a dog that had no name. ❤