Many Thanks

The Mt. Olive Trap-Neuter-Return Project would like to extend many thanks to the following people and organizations for all of their continued help in making our project so successful.

Belinda S. at ( )
Rick R. at Gologic Inc. ( )
Dave J. at Jones Estates Cleanouts ( )

Barbara Ileiwat at Lilybellesjewels ( ) - Reiki master Sherri Lynn helped transform Naomi, one of our most timid and distrustful foster cats, into a much calmer cat able to be picked up and cuddled, and eased her transition into her adoptive home.

Hermitage Kennels
Roxdane Kennels

Woof and Purr Inn ( )

Black River Veterinary Hospital

Long Valley Animal Hospital
Family Pet
Flanders Animal Hospital

Cherrybrook Pet Supply
Tractor Supply
Country Lakes Animal Hospital
The After CharBroil
Shop-Rite of Flanders

Lowes of Flanders ( )
Instant Imprints of Flanders ( )

Animal Care Centers

Cause 4 Paws ( )

PASS ( )

SOS ( )

KISS ( )

Noah's Ark ( )

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